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Height: 5'5"
HW: 163
SW: 152
CW: 142
(as of 6/26/14)
GW: 130
UGW: 125

hey everyone! i'm roo & i'm devoted to eating paleo and working out regularly.

i hope you enjoy my tumblr!
i'm kind of addicted... o_O

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"I think shutting out a new experience is one of the greatest disservices a person can do to themselves. The assumption that we have ever reached a point where there is no beauty nor joy to be gleaned from each day is the day we truly die."
- Connor R. (via slim-and-svelte)

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stay hydrated!


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here’s a few excerpts from the article:

1. Eggs Are Bad For Your Health

However, eggs have been demonized in the past because they contain a large amount of cholesterol, which was believed to increase the risk of heart disease.

But the truth is that despite being high in cholesterol, eggs don’t really raise the bad cholesterol in the blood. In fact, eggs primarily raise the “good” cholesterol.


4. Eating a Lot of Protein is Bad For Your Health

In healthy individuals, protein actually reduces two of the main risk factors for kidney disease which are diabetes and high blood pressure.

Eating a high protein diet has many other benefits, including increased muscle mass, reduced body fat and a lower risk of diseases like cardiovascular disease.

5. Everyone Should be Eating “Heart-Healthy” Whole Wheat

A controlled trial in humans showed that whole wheat increased various risk factors for cardiovascular disease in as little as 12 weeks.

that would suck (no pun intended)

this what I like to do when fb let’s me know my bff’s man is on a run